Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wall Decor on a Budget

The last several years have left me wanting to change up some of our wall decor, but hesitating due to lack of time or money.  Necessity is the mother of invention though, right? So with some Pinterest inspiration tucked in my back pocket, I finally got to work.  Here's a little peek at a few of my latest projects.

Tim had just gotten an order of parts in from John Deere and I was thrilled that the pallet they arrived on was what I deemed "the perfect size".

Kobe and I set to work ripping the box off the top, and then Corey helped me with sanding it down and varnishing the pallet.

Kobe removing cardboard and staples
Corey helped with sanding

Stenciling and painting
Finished Product!

 Best part - this was FREE!  (Well, minus the cost of John Deere parts that came ON the pallet! ;) )

A few other projects...

Our table centerpiece was super cheap!  I printed a few favorite Christmas hymns off and laid them out under some clear vinyl.  After a quick trip to my backyard evergreen with a wire cutter (because I was too lazy to find a pruning shears), I had my greenery.  Add the candles and, voila!  


Another wall needed something to cover the boomerang dents left by my handsome sons, so I climbed the rickety old ladder to my grandpa's haymow where I found this gem.  I took the window to the dumpster where I removed the glass and a few nails.  

After a quick scrub, I used some old paint from our laundry room project and a rag to get the finish you see here.  The wire decor was something I'd had for a couple of years (gift from my SIL) and I love how the two look together.  Plus, the fact that it cost me NOTHING makes it even better! 

Gathered together an assortment of old and new items for this wall.  Yes, those are sticks in jars.  Don't judge me.  I like sticks in jars.  :)

Best part - all of the above cost less than $100!

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