Thursday, June 9, 2016

Deception - Identifying the Orphan Spirit - Day 10

Day 10 - Spirit of Deception
Read James 3:13-16

The lying tongue is an often used tool of the Orphan Spirit. When you stop to think about it – it only makes sense.

When a child is left out on their own, they use whatever means they have in order to live. This leaves them feeling as though they have no options other than to say what is necessary in order to survive.

After adoption, the Orphan Spirit must renew their mind and recognize that deception is not the answer. Outside the Kingdom walls, lying was a way of life – inside the Kingdom, we discover that truth leads to a life of peace.

Our society is filled with lies. Everyday we must filter through every word we hear and see and determine what is true and what is not. Lies have become such a way of life that for some, it’s difficult to speak the truth – even when it doesn’t matter.

Today, we are going to look deeper at the spirit of deception and ask ourselves if we are wrapped up in a world of lives.

For some, it will be “small” lies – for others, the lies have grown so astronomical you may question how to unravel yourself from the mess. Wherever you find yourself, when it comes to the spirit of deception, take hold of the knowledge that Satan is known as the father of lies and wants nothing more than to get you to act, live and think like him. If he can do that, he then has access into your life where he will carry out his plan to steal, kill and destroy every good thing God, your Father, has given you.

After all, this father of lies deceived mankind with his lies from the very beginning. His tactics have not changed and he wants nothing more than to convince the children of God to join him in his deceit.

Ask yourself:

§  What relationships have I lost due to deception?

§  Who have I built a case against in my mind?  Are these thoughts truth or simply my perception?

§  Do I “fudge” the truth?

§  How much time do I spend alone with God?

§  Do I portray myself to be something or someone I am not?

§  How is my prayer life?

§  If I could peel back all the layers of who I appear to be on the outside, who am I deep inside? 

Take time today to ask God to show you any areas of deception in your life. As you grow closer in your relationship with the Father, your need for deception begins to diminish. Why? Because He is truth and His Spirit leads us into life of truth.

For Day 11, read Chapter 11 of All the King's Orphans and Week 11 of the correlating Study Guide.

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