Thursday, June 9, 2016

False Humility - Identifying the Orphan Spirit - Day 9

Day 9 - Spirit of False Humility

Read Colossians 2:20-23

False humility in the lives of God’s sons and daughters has turned the stomachs of much of society. We can all think of a time when someone in the church tried to appear ultra holy, while trying to sweep a plethora of sin under the rug of their heart…but what about the subtle ways in which we like to present ourselves as better than those around us?

False humility is often difficult to identify – especially if the Orphan Spirit has cultivated a life-long pattern of walking in it. Like the Spirit of Insecurity, False Humility is difficult for the Orphan Spirit to identify in himself.

Many believers have fine-tuned their ability to look the part in the public eye, while living as they wish when no one is watching. People living with false humility within the walls of the church tend to do all they can to look good, but have no love. You will see this in the ones who refuse to serve the least among us – the children and the elderly.

This may sound harsh, but in all reality, the Orphan Spirit looks at others as a means to an end – a rung in their ladder. For example, since children generally cannot offer status to adults, the Orphan Spirit is seldom found willingly serving the younger generation of their church and community – although the public approval of leadership might be worth the “sacrifice”. The goal of sons and daughters should be to take an honest evaluation of their own life and consider what their true motives for what they do (or don’t do) within the body of Christ.

As you study this subject, ask God to reveal if you are carrying the spirit of False Humility – and choose to be set free.

Ask yourself:

§  How much time do I spend thinking about my position among my brothers and sisters in the church?

§  Am I willing to do a job that largely goes unnoticed?

§  Can I admit my failures and humbly ask for help to make needed changes in my life?

§  Do I love those who can “do nothing for me”?

§  How important is it to me to get approval from others – especially church leadership?

§  How often do I acknowledge the good of others in the church? 

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