Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Insecurity - Identifying the Orphan Spirit - Day 8

Day 8 - Spirit of Insecurity

Read Philippians 4:6-9

Insecurity is a major issue in our world today. While social media has brought much good into our world, it has also birthed an overwhelming amount of insecurity as well. Orphan Spirits have never learned to look to their Father for validation. The idea seems empty, silly and worthless. Thousands, maybe even millions, of Orphan Spirits wearing the garment of insecurity fill the pews each Sunday… their works begging for acknowledgement… their pious lives shrouded in false humility.

It’s a common discussion among many – the temptation to compare your life with the lives you see splashed across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Our teens are growing up in a world where the perfectly posed selfie is their source of validation and self-worth, while at the same time suicide rates are rising due to the bullying taking place via the internet.

I personally use social media and am not attacking the use of it itself, I am simply cautioning us in how we rely on it for self0-worth.

We live in a world of people yearning to know they are enough. Desperate to know they are loved. The weak claw frantically at anyone who will tell them the right words while the strong grow a little more cynical with each smothering relationship they encounter.

Insecurity is incredibly prevalent and highly toxic. Most Believers are unaware of how deadly the spirit of insecurity has become - and it must be addressed!

I admit that it sounds harsh – but the results of insecurity have so deeply wounded millions inside the body of Christ. We must educate ourselves and be willing to take a deep look into our own lives. This is not a time to be picking others apart. It is a time to do some self-examination and remove the spirit of insecurity in our own lives.

Insecurity is idolatry – it is the worship of self. Few recognize it as such. For so many, acknowledging they are an insecure individual is to offer an excuse for bad behavior. I invite you to look at this deadly spirit and recognize for yourself the danger that comes from living a life full of insecurity.

Ask yourself:

§  Do I rely on the compliments of others to make me happy?

§  When someone compliments me, do I refute their words?  If so, why?

§  When someone fails in the church, do I feel compassion?  Or do I secretly find pleasure in their situation?

§  When someone speaks correction in my life, do I willingly listen?  How do I feel about that person afterwards?  How should I feel about that person afterwards?

§  Am I busy serving in the church?  What is my motive?  If no one noticed, would I still do it?

§  When I post on social media, what is my motivation?

§  When I’m with others, do I talk about me?  Am I good at listening?

For further study… read Isaiah 53 and consider the life of Jesus.  The Bible tells us that He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him…He was despised…rejected.  Meditate on how Jesus was treated by both the “saints” and the “sinners”.  Yet He chose to die for humanity in spite of the personal attacks, abuse and rejection.

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