Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jonah and Esther - Identifying the Orphan Spirit - Day 14

Day 14 - The Orphan Spirit, Jonah and Esther

Read Romans 12:2

We’ve taken an in-depth look at some of the root issues found within the Orphan Spirit. While it is incredibly easy to identify these characteristics in the lives of others, finger pointing is not where personal freedom is discovered. Each of us can only experience the joy of living as a spiritual son or daughter within the Kingdom of God by having a transformation within our own mind.

The pattern you once knew was the lifestyle of fatherlessness, but if you have been adopted into the Kingdom, your orphan life is in the past. Now begins the process of transforming your thought patterns from the Orphan Spirit to that of a spiritual son or daughter.

What is truth? 

Who are you? 

Do you belong?

The truth is that the price has already been paid for you to take your place in the Kingdom of God as His child. So do you belong?  Yes!  You do!  

How much more would God have to do to convince you that He wants you? Was the price He paid (His Son’s death) not enough?

Jonah and Esther were two Old Testament characters who were called to do great things. Both dealt with fear. Both spent time in prayer and both saw God’s hand move miraculously – yet their attitudes were vastly different.

While considering the lives of Jonah and Esther, write out several differences you see in which they approached their calling.  

Focus on how you too can live with the mindset of a King's son or daughter.  It changes everything!

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