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Narcissism - Identifying the Orphan Spirit - Day 5

Day 5 - Spirit of Narcissism

Read 1 Corinthians 13

This world is full of narcissistic people – and the church hasn’t been immune to it.  The Orphan Spirit struggles with this particular issue because of a lifetime of looking out for number one.  And our society pushes that very mentality making it difficult for the Narcissist to be held accountable for their actions.

Relating to a narcissistic person is exceptionally difficult inside the body of Christ because of our core belief and desire to love one another. We teach humility and servanthood – two things the narcissist preys upon.

When people in the world lives with a narcissistic mindset, people are annoyed – but not surprised. When a person in the church manifests the narcissist characteristics, it can result in devastating blows among the flock – often causing members to walk out the doors for good.

The actions of the narcissist has crushed millions within the Kingdom.  While many find healing, there are thousands who never recover.  Since narcissists love status, they are often found in places of leadership which can lead to incredible misuse of power within the church.

If you have been hurt by a narcissistic leader in the past, don’t let that be reason enough to keep you from finding a body of believers who better represent the mind of Christ.  Forgiveness is the key to setting you free from carrying the hurt any longer.

In the video, we'll talk about some of the signs and symptoms of narcissism, but I also encourage you to take a moment to consider your own life.  Discover if any of the narcissistic tendencies are cropping up in your own actions and attitudes.

Ask yourself:

§  Am I willing to serve those who can give nothing in return?

§  Am I willing to listen to others without having to always insert my own thoughts and opinions?

§  Do I look at others as a rung in my ladder?  Do I love with an agenda?

§  Have I been hurt by a narcissist?

§  If yes, what has that stolen from me?  Have I forgiven the other person?

§  Am I in a narcissistic relationship right now?  What should I do to change this situation?

§  In your opinion, how has narcissism affected the Western Church?

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