Monday, June 13, 2016

Pride - Identifying the Orphan Spirit - Day 12

Day 12 - Spirit of Pride

Read Galatians 6:3

Like the other manifestations of the Orphan Spirit, the Spirit of Pride is self-focus.

The Orphan Spirit has lived a life of self-reliance. At one point in her life, survival and success rested solely on her abilities to make things happen. This mindset brings the Orphan Spirit to a place of looking at people and things as opportunities for advancement.

How can I use you to get what I want?

If others offer no value to the Orphan Spirit, they are cast aside, ignored or abused.

The spirit of pride demands perfection and being number one. It leaves the Orphan Spirit dissatisfied with her marriage, her career success, her physical appearance, her friendships, her finances, her status – even her children. Every area of her life is viewed through the critical lens of pride – and it is crucial that all things measure up to meet her standards.

Pride is a devastating disease in our modern church age. Our culture is fueled by self-gain and it’s spilled over into the church. It’s a sad mentality when we begin to look at our brothers and sisters as a rung in our ladder and we must stop it.

How many of us have been hurt by another in their attempt for self-promotion? And how many have we hurt for the same reason?

Ask yourself:

§  Does it bother me if my friends have something nicer than me?

§  A close friend just got a promotion, how difficult is it for me to congratulate them?

§  Do I expect others to admire my new car, house, shoes, etc… yet refuse to acknowledge the good things that come into their lives?

§  I have the opportunity to promote a friend, do I take it?  How does it make me feel?

§  Am I accountable to anyone? 

§  Is my reputation my idol?

For Day 13, read Chapter 13 of All the King's Orphans and Week 13 of the correlating Study Guide.

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