Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling Martha Stewart-ish

Ever have those days where you no-likey your stuff anymore?  As a self-confessed cheap-$kate, I am always looking for ways to create beauty in my home for as little dough as possible!
Here's a little something I did recently...

A loooong time ago, I had a home show and bought this picture and another one to go with it.  They've been leaning against a wall in my basement for a while since I don't LOVE them anymore, so I decided to try to spruce them up and see if I'd fall in love again.

Tim and I made a trip (with our good friends Rob & Melody) to Hobby Lobby where Tim proceeded to embarrass the life out of me.  If you've ever been debating over which silk flowers would look best in your dining room and you suddenly hear your name being  HOLLERED (as in, a tip-your-head-back-no-reservations-"LAAAAA-NETTE) from across the store, you'll know exactly how I felt. (My apologies to Melody and HL employees, I'll come without Tim next time! (Rob get's no apology - he enjoyed it too much!))  No surprises, but I couldn't get that man out of the store fast enough.  Guess he knew what he was doing, cause I stopped finding things to buy REAL fast!  Ok, that had nothing to do with my project, but it was too funny not to share!

But, before the "episode", I had picked up some upholstery fabric and the next day Amy and I created our own wall art from those old pictures.  I just used a stapler to adhere the fabric to the back.  Here's the result:

I'm kinda over the whole "Live, Laugh, Love" thing, but the cheap-$kate in me decided I can LIVE with it, LAUGH at the memory, and LOVE my husband for keeping life full of unexpected surprises - we left HL before I could find the perfect thing for my shelf - bet you woulda left quick too!  :)

How have you found ways to organize or decorate an area in your home for next to nothing?

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