Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Farmer Takes A Wife

Tim came in the house last night very excited!  And when I say excited, I mean STOKED!  He was punching the air with his fists and making "boo-yah" sounds.  Of course, my curiosity was peeked!

"What's the happiest you've EVER seen me?" his EVER highly enunciated.

"Uhmm," I quickly flip through mental pictures of the day he met ME (we were three), the first time he kissed ME, the day he married ME, but before I could answer he interrupts with another "YEAH" and several fist pumps.

Now I'm really curious!  I mean, Tim is generally a happy guy, but what had happened to make him so SO excited?

"You know how I used to have to start that irrigation down the road?"

Seriously?!  "Uhmm, no... no... not really."  

"Yeah!" He's still exuberant.  "It's all set up now that I can start the pivot AND the pump with the push of... wait for it... ONE button!"


I stood staring at him, laughing and wondering how I had lost my entitled position in my husband's "happiest-I've-ever-been moment... to an irrigation!

I wasn't about to take that sitting down, so I tried again.  "You mean to tell me you're happier about how you can start this pivot than (here was the test) ANYTHING else in the world?  Even more than ME?"

Tim didn't bat an eye - or answer me, still so wrapped up in his happiest-day-of-my-life moment.  He just grinned like he'd remembered something important and said, "Oh yeah, AND I got the booster pump to work too!"

I think he said more about that, but I had already checked out.  I mean come on, it's an irrigation! And a booster pump!  And he's a farmer!  How can I compete with that?  :)

Note Tim's true love in the background! :)

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Mary said...

My "farmer" works with computers. There are equally hard to understand moments of joy when electronic boxes around our house are doing things they already did, but BETTER. I just get excited with him so he thinks I'm cool. :)