Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13 - Belonging!

Today I'm thankful for a place to call my own.  I'm not talking about a house, although I'm thankful for the home I live in.  I'm talking about the blessing of BELONGING!

This morning, Tim and I were privileged to attend the morning service at my parents' church.  They were taking part in a special service and I was honored to witness the occasion.

Sitting there with my brothers, I considered the fact that though circumstances, distance and preferences have taken us to different churches, we all belong to the same Body of Christ.  Our churches are each unique in their own right, but we have the same goal.

We all desire to bring glory to God.  Our goal is to worship Him and to share His love with the world around us.  And because of His sacrifice, we have a place in the Body of Christ.

I've often noted that the fact that the army of God is unable to accomplish much is because we're too busy picking on each other's uniforms.  To my shame, I admit that I've taken part in the nit-picking myself.  We tsk-tsk over the churches that are more liberal than ours while giving a snort and an eye-roll to those who live a more conservative lifestyle.

It's time to STOP!

We all have a place in the body of Christ!

We all have a calling!

We all have a purpose!

We all belong!

It's time to link arms and turn our eyes upward!  When our focus is on our leader, we won't be able to see what those next to us are doing - thereby unable to judge how they carry their armor or fight their battles.

I lift my eyes to You, oh Jesus, and I thank You for giving me a place to belong!

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