Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23 - They Call Me Mommy

I can't let these 24 Thankfuls end without specifically giving thanks for my children.

I know I brag about them a lot, but today I stopped and considered what makes each child special to me. After all, they are the source of much of my joy!  They are the reason I get up in the morning... really, they are.  I'd sleep in if they'd leave me alone!  (lol... just kidding)

Goofy kiddos

Photo by Malyn Sneed
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Tyler, my firstborn.  At age 12, he is closing in on my height.  He amazes me with his ability to change his attitude so quickly when informed that it REALLY stinks.  He has a love for God that blesses my heart. and I love how he stands strong for what he believes in.  Many nights he'll text Tim or I with questions he has while reading the Bible.  Sometimes it's as simple as "Why did Saul want to kill David" to more difficult-to-answer-through-text-messaging... like "what's a concubine?"

Amy is my main sidekick.  She loves to stick close to me and I remind myself often to use these moments wisely.  Amy has more energy than should be allowed and my prayer is that we'll be able to channel that in the right direction.  It will be exciting to see what all she'll accomplish in life with the determination she shows!  I love watching her gifts develop.  Already I see a musician budding as well as a talented artist - both in design and as a chef.

Corey is my tender-hearted son.  He is most like his father than any of the others.  His sweet smile recently changed with the loss of his front teeth and I'm stunned at how quickly he's gone from being my bald-blue-eyed baby to my little man.  His love language is quality time and he's excited for his mommy & Corey date coming up this Friday!  Many times he'll snuggle up against me and whisper, "I love you the most, Mommy."  Is that not precious?!

Kobe brings joy and laughter to our family.  He is full of curiosity and a dry sense of humor like I've never seen in a four-year-old (Right now he's running around here making funny faces and saying "Good night, Ida"... He doesn't know any 'Ida's'.  :)  Kobe is a tough little guy - within the past six months, he's already landed in the ER twice.  With his first set of stitches, I found him attempting to cut them out with a scissors just minutes after we had returned home!  Ahgg..

My blessings in life are many, but these are four of the best, and for them I am eternally thankful!

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