Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3 - Forgettable Moments

I’ve wanted to start a list for some time now.  I titled it “Moments I hope I never forget”.  It’s for those snapshots in time that I long to freeze in my memory.  The funny quotables you hear from a three year old, the memory of a baby’s smile – still toothless, the feel of tiny arms wrapped around your neck, the overwhelming fatigue and frustration upon finding your little lady happily unfolding all the laundry for you, the weight of his six year old hand tucked inside your palm, the conversations about God, where babies come from and if bears live in Michigan…  So many moments, and how quickly their memory is replaced by a new forgettable moment.

So, maybe the moments aren't completely forgetten.   For me, they tend to run into one another, becoming their own slideshow of memories in my heart.  Still, will I remember the sounds, the smells (not all of them, I hope!), the questions, the messes, the triumphs?

My problem is that the moments come and go so quickly and I don’t always take time to write them down, but today I am thankful for those moments.  They tell me that life is good and calm and what we deem “normal”.

My heart is aching today for a mother I’ve never met.  While I experienced forgettable moments yesterday talking to my four year old’s socks (he named them Bob), another mommy sat holding her son for the last three hours of his life… and then he slipped away.

So today, while I enjoy more forgettable moments of laundry, salad making, taxi service and family time, the Burdick family is not far from my heart as they experience these unforgettable moments that will change them forever.  Please join me in praying for them.

Here are some forgettable moments from over the years!

Kobe dreaming of the day he gets to go to school

Pulling his first tooth - love those freckes!

Corey blew me a kiss right after I put Gentian Violet on his thrush!  Looks good with those baby blues! 

Mommy's helper - isn't she adorable!

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