Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Corey!

Corey Christian comes to town
June 30, 2005
Corey came into our lives on a warm evening in June.   From the moment I looked into his eyes, he stole my heart.

He is my quiet(er) son.  The tenderhearted, sensitive, happy-most-of-the-time child.  His name means "God's Peace" and that is who my Corey is.   He brings calm and joy almost each time he enters a room  and I remind myself often to sit and hold him... to drink in the smell of little boy... feel his soft, blonde hair... watch his eyes twinkle with mischief and listen to him tell me about his day.  

Corey's birth had it's complications and I thank God often for the gift of Corey, for had His grace not been upon us that last day of June, our lives could be so different.

Today, we celebrate seven years of holding close, laughing with, caring for and loving deeply a little boy named Corey.

Handsome and tenderhearted

Future farmer

Joyful heart
At Uncle Mat's wedding with Daddy

Best friends with Kobe
Finds joy in the little things

Co-conspirators with Amy
Riding with his hero, Tyler

Happy birthday, Corey!  
We love you!!

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