Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Being Still

I’m not there yet.  I have so far to go, but He reminds me often.  Sometimes moment by moment to wait… to trust… to be still.

By nature, I’m a fixer.  When problems walk through the doorway of my life, instinct has me searching for the most efficient solution to this latest glitch in life.  Something quick… something easy. 

Preferably painless.

But that’s not always His way.

That’s not usually His way.

So, I close my eyes, hear His reminder that He already knows the end from this painful/frustrating/annoying/confusing beginning.  He doesn’t need my constant “whys” tapping Him on the shoulder or nipping at his heels… He’s got this.

My frail attempts fall short, leaving me with more mess than I started with, but He… He makes beautiful things.

He brings beauty out of our scar-covered, pain-ridden, rubble-filled lives.

Just stop for a moment.  Breathe deeply.  Drink in the Spirit of the only One who can set you free.

Be still.

Stop your hands. 

Shut your mouth. 

And let Him fight for you…

Do not be afraid.
Stand firm...
and you will see the
deliverance the Lord will bring you today.

The Egyptians you see today
you will never see again.

The Lord will fight for you;
you need only to be still.”
Exodus 14:13-14

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