Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A God Who Restores

Several weeks ago, I wrote a Facebook post about how God has been speaking to me about testing Him and discovering what He is capable of doing.

You can see it here.

Time has gone by and the thought refuses to go away.  Over and over I hear Him calling out, inviting me to experience deeper, closer encounters with Him.

"Test Me.  Seek Me.  Ask Me.  I Am the One who loves to restore.  What are you worrying about?  What are you longing for?  All I have is yours… your inheritance.  I can bring something out of nothing.  Try Me in this."

So I did.

And He has.

In ways I never could have imagined!

It was only yesterday afternoon that He invited me to ask Him to bring something out of nothing.   I didn't even know what to ask for, but He knows me well.  He knows the worries that dance about on the edges of my mind as I crunch numbers and consider Christmas and corn prices.

He knows.

He knows…

So I asked… faith minuscule… but expectant and His love comes in like a blanket on this day, wrapping around my soul.  The envelope lying on my desk telling us that His something had arrived unexpected and out of nothing.

To some, it may simply be a forgotten contract for corn made on a day when prices were higher… but to me, it's Abba.  And I'm in awe that a King who already gave so much, desires to continue to give and give and give.

I believe we are in a season where God is looking for people who are longing for restoration… in any area.  What are you longing for? Lost relationships?  Lost children?  Lost income?  Lost item?  Lost peace?

God is moving across this nation like never before and I feel His Spirit calling His children to look to Him as He pours out His abundance in every area.

Test Him and see.

Test Me in this
and see if I don’t open up heaven itself to you
and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams.
from Malachi 3

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