Thursday, June 11, 2015

Guilt Free

First day of summer break and three of the Four went grocery shopping with mom. I didn't need but a few things but the trip took longer than expected with more "nos", sighs and frustrations then expected...or necessary.
Arriving home, the littles began helping me carry in groceries when suddenly there was a loud cry, alligator tears and three dozen eggs upside down on the floor.
Corey's obvious sorrow stopped me in my tracks and I hugged him, helped him clean up the mess and told him everything was gonna be ok.
A few hours later, I found a $20 bill tucked under a note in my room... There in his little boy handwriting it said, "This is for the eggs."
My heart broke for him. He obviously still felt bad about the broken eggs even though I had tried to assure him all was forgiven and forgotten.
I returned the money to his bedroom with a note of my own. "I love you more than eggs."
Corey's actions caused me to stop and consider how often God's kids mess up and then spend their lives trying to repay Him for what they've done.
Is His forgiveness not enough? Is Jesus' blood not sufficient?
I want my son to be free of guilt and broken eggs were messing up his day, but how many of us let forgiven sin mess up our lives?
Jesus died so we can live free of guilt! Satan, on the other hand, will spend his days trying to convince you that the Blood wasn't enough, but let me tell you this - to say you sinned too much to be forgiven is to say that Jesus' death wasn't enough for you! ..And, honestly, if I had died so you could live and you thought you needed more than that - I'd be offended.
Have you sinned? Yep. Me too.
Are you forgiven? You can be...just ask.
Living free of guilt is God's plan for your life. Don't miss it!

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