Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Meet Sheila Harper!

If you have a copy of "All the King's Orphans", you will read the words of Sheila Harper on the back cover.  Sheila was so instrumental in helping this book become what it is today.

I am so grateful for her willingness to offer advice but more than hearing her thoughts on my book, I need you, my readers, to know more about this woman named Sheila Harper.  The life she has lived is one that brings tears and builds hope all at the same time.   Her testimony astounds and inspires me to love more and judge less.

Her story begins…  "At four years of age, my mother and I were in a tragic car accident. I was thrown through the windshield, she was killed instantly. Throughout my childhood years after this event, I endured sexual abuse, then a psychotic stepmother came in to the picture who hated me and made sure I knew it."

If you're like me and CANNOT stop here - go to her blog and read the rest of her story - a life bound by drugs, sex, abortion, debt and finally, attempted suicide.

Sheila didn't stay there though - and today, she is the Founder and President of SaveOne, an international outreach ministry for men and women suffering in silence after an abortion.

Sheila is also the author of multiple books - including “SaveOne- The Ripple Effect”. This book is for friends and loved ones of abortion survivors who are seeking a deeper understanding into the abortion issue. 

We all know someone who has had an abortion (we may not know they have had one, but I guarantee you that someone in your life has been affected by it in some way), and it is my belief that we need to educate ourselves so we can better understand how to love and encourage those who have made the decision to abort.

If you have had an abortion, or know someone who has, please visit SheilaHarperblog.com and take advantage of the help, support and love she has to offer.

Jesus has given her a beautiful life in exchange for her brokenness and Sheila's life is a living, breathing picture of God's desire to restore and redeem!

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