Thursday, March 3, 2016

Delayed Promises

Ever feel as though someone or something is keeping you from living out your destiny?

Caleb and Joshua knew a thing or two about that.  Because ten of their friends chose fear, Caleb and Joshua were sentenced to 40 years of wilderness living.

Forty years of wandering.

Forty years of homelessness.

Forty years of manna.

Forty years of a promise delayed.

Forty years of waiting for fear to die.

They could have allowed those long years to cultivate bitterness in their lives – after all, they spent much of their time setting up tents when they preferred to be out slaying giants.  Still, Caleb and Joshua did not allow the passage of time to steal their promise and when the time was right, God used both men to lead a nation into their destiny.

Other people (big or small) might keep you from your calling for a time – don’t allow the delay to build bitterness or distract you from what your promise.  Rather, use the additional moments, days or years to hone your skills, build your strength and prepare you to receive the promise.

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Melody said...

This is really good! Thanks for sharing!