Thursday, October 1, 2020

October Time Out - Fearless

Happy October!

This month, it's all about living fearless!  I invite you to join me in taking a look at what the Bible says about fear over the next 31 days.  On top of that, I'm calling a fast - from fear!

That's right! 

It's not good for you anyway, so rather than consuming it, I'm inviting women everywhere to make a conscious effort to set fear down and walk away - for 31 days.

Trust me - it is possible!

Here's how to join..

You can follow along by printing off this Bible study schedule or open this link to take a screenshot and carry the schedule with you on your phone.

Next, copy this photo and share it to your social stories, tag me and your friends as you invite them to join in on taking back our freedom from fear!

Are you ready?

I know I am!  Clean out the fridge of fear and doubt and instead chew on the promises of God.




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