Sunday, November 28, 2010

Washington DC

Tim and I were delighted to make the trip to DC to watch Marlin being sworn into Congress. All of my family was able to be there, minus my two youngest boys.  While I missed Corey and Kobe, all the running from here to there was enough to remind me that they were happier at home.

Most of the time we were there, we were lost.   We got to view the Jefferson Memorial through the van window... from a bridge... every angle... approximately seven times.  Finally, we found the Smithsonian!  That's when someone (who shall remain nameless) suggested that we go "down to that street and turn left" (for better parking?  I really don't know why, but we did it anyway).  It was amazing!  From there, we were able to see the Jefferson Memorial, from a bridge.. in the van...

Finally, we gave up on finding the Smithsonian (again) and visited Arlington instead - which was awesome.  Not to worry though, we did find the museum later that afternoon! 
At Arlington

Preston, Tyler, Amy & Payton

Meemaw hammin' it up with the grands!

Amy & Tyler are proud of their Uncle Marlin!

left to right: Chris, Karista, Tim, Amy, Lynette, Sarah (mom), Tyler, Dad (Albert),
Christy, Payton, Elizabeth, Preston, Mat, Marlin

After meeting in Marlin's office before he was to be sworn-in, we made the trek over to the Capitol building where we would wait for two hours in the gallery above the House floor.. without cameras, cell phones (I know!  I need therapy) or car alarms (that part wasn't so tough).

The trip was short, but sweet and full of activity.  We look forward to many trips back to visit Marlin's...and hopefully a chance to see the Jefferson Memorial!

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