Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Bash

Kobe and his lion cake (made by Meemaw S)

Pawpaw and Meemaw brought their gift in an adorable froggy bag (it even ribbits).  My "little" brothers loved it so much I guess, that they decided to use it too!  :)

The famous froggy bag
While Kobe was admiring his new Panda Pillowpet ("this is just what I wanted for my birt-day") that he had pulled from the bag, Uncle Mat (Aunt E is in Lousiana and couldn't come) stashes his gift inside and presents the froggy bag to Kobe.

Kobe opens the bag again and finds a giraffe, elephant and zebra ("I loved deez animals!").   

As he's loving "deez" animals, Chris replenishes the bag with their gift - cash (heiney-shake and "awwwwe-some!").  Guess you could say we're going green! LOL!

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