Saturday, April 2, 2011

Celebrating A Last

Tomorrow is a milestone for Kobe - his 4th birthday.  Thus a milestone for me - a last.  Today is (unless by some act of God) the last day I will mother a three-year-old.  

As much as I hate to admit it, all those ladies who have encouraged me to "enjoy them while they're young" are right.  It seems like only yesterday that Amy was three, Corey was almost two, and Kobe was an infant (Tyler was seven, which deemed him one of the adults), and now here we are!  We survived!!  No more pampers, bottles and sleepless nights.  Hello footballs, four-wheelers, and lots of laughter!  We'll enjoy you immensely until they hit the teen years and the sleepless nights start over again. ;)

Kobe Isaiah Carpenter

I look horrible, I know..  Hopefully it will give you mother's out there some encouragement!  :)
In my defense, I was drugged, convinced that Mickey Mouse was in the room,
wondering how I was gonna survive the next couple years and annoyed
that my kids had just eaten all my chocolate cake!

We survived!  Last day until my baby turns 4!

Happy Birthday, Kobe!

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Wanita said...

I love this! I know just what you mean :) And I like that you posted a picture that represented a 'moment', even if you didn't like how you looked :) I just posted a pic of that I don't like, but my Kiana made it worth sharing. ps. You are beautiful ;)