Friday, April 1, 2011

Heads Are Gonna Roll

Taking a slight detour from Portraits of Redemption for this little tidbit:

Heads Are Gonna Roll

Peace.  It’s something we passionately pursue!  And for women today peace is often just beyond the reach of our desperately-in-need-of-a-manicure fingernails.

I hear a lot about simplifying my life… taking time to rest… get rid of the clutter.  Good advice, still it’s become the norm to live lives of chaos and stress.   

A couple of days ago, I read a horrifying, yet morbidly amusing, story in 2 Samuel 20.  The Bible calls her a shrewd woman.  She lived in a town called Abel Beth Maacah.  Abel Beth Maacah (besides taking up too much space on their return address labels) was described as a “mother in Israel” – meaning a place of great importance and having many inhabitants.   

So on this day in ABM, a bad guy enters the city – looking for a place to hide.   Upon hearing of Sheba’s arrival, the town likely went into hiding with him.  The long arm of the law was on his tail and the dust of Joab’s army could be seen rising in the distance.  Trouble was coming and the occupants of ABM knew it!

Most women probably did exactly what I would have done –collect their children, grab a few snacks and hide in the basement … under a blanket.  In those days, situations like this didn’t end up well.  They were about to experience terror and pandemonium… maybe even death.  The town of ABM was going to lose its reputation as a place of peace and tranquility.  Their status as a tourist destination was about to take a big hit!

Then hope stood up in the crowd!  This was her town – her home!  This wise woman wasn’t about to let anything come in and destroy it without a fight.  For that reason, she took action.

The woman called out from inside the city.  She didn’t beg and plead with the soldiers nearby.  No, she went right to the top, “Tell Joab to come here so I can speak to him.”  I wish I could have been there (well, kinda) to see the looks on their faces.  Who did this woman think she was – calling out for Joab?  He was the captain of the army after all!  Didn’t she know how important he was?  To think she had the right to talk to someone of his status?

Perhaps it was their shock that got the job done, and soon the wise woman was talking to Joab himself, “We’re a peaceful people here, and reliable.  And here you are, trying to tear down one of Israel’s mother cities.  Why would you want to mess with God’s legacy like that?”  Joab protested that he was only trying to catch the bad guy, Sheba.

“Sounds good,” the woman replies, “hang on and we’ll… toss… you… his… head… (yes, you read that right) from up here on the wall.”

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what they did – and the town was saved! 

She is my hero!  She wasn’t your typical warrior, yet she stood courageously in the face of death itself.   I want to be just like her!  No, I don’t want to cut anyone’s head off (I can’t even touch a cow tongue without blanching).  It’s simply the principle of her actions that excites me and (hopefully) women everywhere!   

Her story left me wondering about might be threatening to destroy the life within my home.  What have I let sneak inside the “city gates” that brings with it turmoil and pain?   When “stuff” takes too much time, I’m climbing the wall!  When “things” steal my peace of mind, I’m calling out for the Captain!  When the enemy comes to destroy my family – heads are gonna roll!

The basement is cold, dark and frankly, a little scary!  Blankets can’t stop the arrows of the enemy and a few granola bars aren’t enough to satisfy our appetites for long.  Hiding isn’t worth it!  Climb the wall with me and with God’s wisdom weed out the enemies that threaten to steal the peace in your life! 

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