Monday, May 23, 2011

If They Only Knew: Eve's Story Part 1

The Redemption Series I’ve been working on has given me an idea!  While the Bible is full of stories of redemption, there are so many of my friends who have told me their personal stories of redemption.  I can’t help but think that the world needs to hear it! 

So here’s the idea:  What’s your story?  We all have one!  I am opening up my blog on Monday’s for Modern Day Redemption Stories by guest bloggers.  I will continue to share what I am learning about redemption through Bible characters at other times, but I invite you to share how God has redeemed your life with us!

If you would be interested in becoming a guest blogger, contact me here.

My first guest blogger is by a woman I have admired for a long time!  Several months ago, she shared her story with me and I was in awe!  She has an incredible story and it will take several weeks to share it.  She’ll reveal her identity during the course of this series, but for now, we’ll call her Eve.

If They Only Knew
Part 1

The Voice in the Spotlight
            Oh what a grand day this is!  Homecoming, the most anticipated day of the school year, other than graduation. 

I’ve got it made, good enough grades, getting out of this small town and going off to college in the fall, a cool car, and my legs are so tan.  I’m sure I won’t be voted the queen, so I won’t have to worry about that pressure, but I really can’t wait to wear my awesome gold dress and go to the senior dance afterwards.  I love being a senior, but why do I have this heavy tugging inside that I can’t shake?

            I’m so lucky to have this chance to be homecoming queen, but really who would vote for me?  I guess I’m nice enough, I go out of my way to talk to the dorks in study hall and there was that time I stuck up for the weird kid in gym glass and asked him to be my running partner.  And there are always the outcast not so pretty girls at lunch I sit with once in a while.  

No, they can see right through me I’m sure.  Sometimes I’m positive my forehead lights up like a neon digital sign that flashes “murderer, murderer” on those occasions someone brings up “that” topic.  I’m sure they can see me go pale and then start sweating. 

“Oh well,” I remind myself, “I’ll leave for State soon and they’ll all forget me and I won’t have to pretend I’m so perfect.”

            As mom finishes zipping up my amazing long shiny gold dress and I turn around in the mirror, I feel my heart skip a beat!  I look great!  Why can't I feel great inside?   As my best friend Jenny puts more blush on my face I hug her and tell her it should be her going out there. 

She laughs and says, “Yeah right, I’d trip and besides you’re the one everyone loves.”

“Oh Jenny,” I say to myself, “I wish I could tell you, but I can’t lose my best friend, you just wouldn’t understand.”  

As we take some quick photos with the guy candidates, Jimmy walks up behind my mom and glares at me.  I know he wants to yell at me and hit Scotty who has his arm around me - poor guy can’t help it he’s my escort to go down the aisle in the gym. 

I suddenly feel like I’m going to throw up and hurry back to the dressing room to grab my water bottle. 

“Isn’t that dress a little too tight Eve?”  I knew he’d follow me, but I didn’t want to risk throwing up in the hall way in front of everyone. 

“Don’t ruin this night for me, Jim.” 

“I still don’t see how you even got nominated!” his words hold plenty of meaning and my face burns with shame. 

“Whatever Jim, you’re just jealous I have to walk with Scotty.

Jimmy refuses to give up, “he better not touch you again!” 

“Oh get over yourself, maybe you’d have more friends if you’d grow up Jimmy!”  As I stormed past him, he grabbed my arm and spun me around, “Maybe I should do something about all your friends.  I could tell them something that would change their minds about you.” His voice was menacing and sent shivers up my spine.

“Shut up Jimmy, why can’t you drop it and let it go, what am I supposed to do?”  I ask.  “You’re the one who made me do it!”  My words do little to hurt him and Jimmy simply chuckles and walks out. 

The flood of emotions makes me dizzy from the pain stabbing in my heart.  I wish I could pray, but I’m so not worthy, how could I even think of asking Him for help. 

“Come on, honey,” mom’s words surprised me and brought me back to earth, “show time!”  I paste a big smile on my face and head towards the gym. 

           I stand in the back of the line, freshmen couples first, sophomores, juniors and the 3 nominated senior couples last - Scotty and I being the very last.  We smile at each other as we overhear a group of Junior high girls oohing and awing over my dress.  The one girl says, “Hey I voted for Eve, she’s so pretty!”  My heart fluttered at her words.  Another girl says that she too had voted for me.  I shake my head in disbelief.

As Mrs. Anderson announces it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for, our seniors.  The lights go off and there’s a soft glow illuminating the long red walkway to the stage.   As Scotty and I step arm in arm into the gym doorway I gasp at the amount of people packed into the huge gymnasium. 

Scotty utters, “Holy Cow, there must be two thousand people here!” 

“It is the biggest game of the year,” I respond. 

Our names are announced, accolades read, and we slowly make our way to the stage.  The crowd is hushed as they wait for Mrs. Anderson to proceed, “And our King and Queen are….Eve Newman and Scotty Meyer!”

The gymnasium erupts in cheers and whistles and the student section jumps up and down as they throw confetti all over.  Camera flashes go off as we make our way to the front of the stage to receive our crowns.  Scotty receives his crown and stands back while I step forward and bend down a bit so last year’s royalty can crown me.  A huge bouquet of roses is thrust into my arms and I feel the bright spotlight hit me.  I look out to the crowd and see waves of people cheering my name and taking pictures.   The local news reporter lifts his huge camera to get a close up of us. 

As I stand there in shock, taking it all in, a heavy dark blanket of shame, guilt, condemnation and fear creeps over my body.  The joyful noises start to become blocked out.  Somehow I manage a big smile and wave at the cheering crowd, but the only voice I can hear is chanting loudly in my head…

“If they only knew… If they only knew… If… they… only… knew!”



Unknown said...

WOW! I'm hooked, I will look for part 2 soon (i hope) :)

Amelia Marie said...

I am thrilled to have "found you!" God bless you for your ministry through this blog and sharing. I am your newest follower! Stop by sometime! ~ Amy