Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Organizing Your Notebook Sections

Before going any further, I want to clarify a couple things from last week.

1.       Office Max sells 7-hole punched 5x8 paper!!  Oh happy day!  This opens up your Notebook options by a gazillion – I think, I didn’t do the math, so don’t hold me to it.

2.       Just to clarify about what I keep in the front pocket of my notebook.  At the beginning of the week (or whatever day you schedule out your week), I try to take note of what I may need for the coming weeks appointments.  For example, birthday party with driving instructions? Tuck the card in the front pocket.  Doctor appointment?  Grab the immunization cards while it’s on your mind.  Piano lessons?  Write the check out right away.  Comprendo?

If you read something here that makes no sense to you, feel free to ask questions!  I usually have several distractions when I write, so confusion should be expected!  LOL!

Ok, back to the Notebook:

Spring cleaning, meal planning, grocery lists, wish-lists, budgets, ideas,  etc.  Keeping all the thoughts running around in your head straight, can sometimes be confusing!  Don’t you hate that feeling of “I know I’m forgetting something!”?

*I started keeping a section in my Notebook for, well, Notes.  In there, I jot down ideas for articles I would like to write, or illustrations God has been showing me.  If you’re not a writer, you may like that section for quotes, remodeling ideas, advice you’ve heard – and actually liked!

*Another section – small though it is, is Sizes.  My kids are growing so fast and I CANNOT keep up with what sizes they are currently wearing.  With garage sale season upon us that can get frustrating when you find a great pair of baseball cleats or winter coat, but have no idea what size that particular child wears! 

I just use one paper keep track of their shoe and clothing sizes – keeping it updated can be the hardest part!

*Budget – If you haven’t been through FPU, I cannot recommend it highly enough!  Tim and I love what Dave Ramsey teaches and have been using the envelope system since before we even heard of Ramsey (we had learned the system through Larry Burkett). 

In my Notebook, I have a section focused on our budget.  Then, I can easily see how much money goes into our savings fund and each individual envelope.  Quick tip – I write this in pencil since it seems to change from time to time.

*Calendar – This section is one I buy pre-printed from the store.  I use a month-at-a-time view.  I have to admit, now that Tim and I have been able to sync our calendars together on our phones, I do not keep this calendar as updated as I used to.   I also keep a wall calendar in my kitchen where everything is scheduled as well.

*Daily To-Do section, I already talked about that last week, but feel free to post any comments, questions or suggestions you might have!  The Daily To-Do section, I use religiously, and by far, the most of any other section in my notebook.

*I started keeping a Running To-Do List when I felt like there were bigger projects to tackle, but was in a busy time of year.  Feeling pressured to remember what all I should accomplish, I started keeping a running tab on “painting the bathroom” or “cleaning out the office closet”, etc.  This list seems to never go away!

*I don’t have a paying job, but I do seem to have no problem staying busy.  I keep a section in my Notebook about info I need with those different projects.  For me, its information I need for managing my church’s website or book details I need to keep handy. 

No matter what you’re involved outside the home, there’s always something to keep track of, and the Work Info section is where I do that.

*Meal planning – I love knowing what I’m going to make for the week.  It keeps my grocery bill down – and knowing what’s for supper, keeps the temptation to grab some fast food at bay.  For meal planning, I keep a list of my family’s favorite meals in my Notebook.  When I am planning the menu for the week, I simply flip to that section to look for ideas – especially meals that coincide with that week’s sales! 

The meals are then written on a pad of paper with the days of the week pre-printed on it.  You can find those at most department stores in the cards and gifts section or by stationary.

*My grocery list is kept on a pad of paper in the back of my Notebook.  I keep the Notebook close by throughout the day so I can quickly jot down the items I know I’ll need to purchase on my next trip to the store.

*Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas – don’t you love those times of the year when you have NO IDEA what to give?  A Gift Idea section in your notebook will allow you a spot to write down ideas you come across throughout the year.  You will be so happy, you just might hug yourself when Christmas time rolls around – that should get you some looks! 

*What are your personal goals?  I love the verse of Scripture (I think I already mentioned this in last week’s post) that “where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Then, there’s the saying “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it!”  As a mother, as a wife, as a woman, I have goals.  Some small, some too big for my britches!  If I don’t have them in front of me though, the determination sometimes lasts only as long as a grilled steak would in front of my chocolate lab.

Being able to go back on occasion and see what goals you’ve set for yourself will keep you on track or allow you to reanalyze what’s important.

*Home – This is where I organize my cleaning rotation in the house.  And that, my friends, is the last section but since there’s so much I’d like to say, it will have to wait until next week. 

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Sharla said...

This sounds do-able!! : ) I feel like heading to Office Max right now! ; )

Lynette Carpenter said...

You're right, Sharla! I did use both store names. I am sure either one will have what you're looking for, but I went to Office Depot in Kalamazoo.

I think I may have went to an Office Max when I bought my notebook years ago.