Saturday, October 8, 2011

On the Air With Eve!

This past summer, I received an email from Cathie Humbarger.  Cathie is the director of Indiana Right to Life and she was looking to get in touch with Erin Eve.  (If you're not familiar with Erin's story - it starts here.)  I put her in touch with Erin and to our excitement, Erin was invited to come to Ft. Wayne to be featured in one of Allen County's Right to Life radio broadcasts.

Outside the radio station

So, one day in July, Erin and I made the short trip to Ft Wayne.  I was planning on snapping pictures and eat me some Olive Garden, but after meeting Cathie and the standard introduction of "this is Marlin's Sister", she invited me to join the discussion as well!  :)

Kris Opper from Silent No More was the other guest that morning.  I so enjoyed meeting both Cathie and Kris.  Both ladies have a beautiful testimony of what has led them to making this their mission in life.  Their passion for women struggling with abortion is so apparent and I'm grateful for the work they do!
Cathie Humbarger, Erin Eve, myself and Kris Opper in the studio

That radio broadcast will be on the air today at 10 am on the Bott Radio Station 1090am. Other air
times are listed on our website @  The link is towards the bottom of the page.

You can also listen to it here!   

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