Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 10 - Creation

We experienced our first snowfall yesterday.  I can't say that I am a huge fan of winter weather, (I tend to tell God I'll go wherever He calls us - just please not further north!) but the large flakes of snow falling yesterday were so beautiful.

I was with Tim on a quick run to Grand Rapids, and the snow was falling so heavily it felt as though we were in a blizzard.  This morning, we took the kids to school together and couldn't help but notice how beautiful the golden trees looked with piles of white snow around them.  Creation is beautiful!

I'm thankful for the changes in weather.  I'm thankful for the hope that each new season brings!  Even more, I'm in awe of the delicate intricacies of each unique plant, animal, man and woman.  God made each of us for a specific purpose.

The leaves of a cucumber plant were formed to grow large - to spread out wide so as to protect the product growing below from the hot rays of the sun.

A small bird (Clark's Nutcracker) living in Yellowstone Park, is known for it's appetite for large pine seeds.  They gather seeds all year, burying them in various parts of the park.  Come winter, they return to their hiding places and live off the seeds they once buried.  Here's the interesting part - they forget where approximately one-third of their seeds were buried.  In the spring, those sprouts poke through the earth and another pine begins to grow!  Something so small is used to do something so big!

One of my children recently mentioned a myth they'd heard about how the earth came to be.  "They said that two smaller atmosphere's were moving through space and then BOOM, they hit each other and our atmosphere was created."

"Just like that, huh?"

Tyler laughed a little but waited to hear my response.  "Tell, ya what," I said,  "Go get two eggs out of the fridge.  Hold one in each hand and then BOOM, smash them together.  Do you think there's even a slight, eensy, teensy, tiny possibility of getting a larger, nicer egg from it?  Perhaps even an ostrich egg instead?"

The kids laughed and thankfully decided common sense was enough and we wouldn't have an egg mess to clean up.

In our home, we try to instill a love for God's creation in each of our children.  And I've adopted a greater appreciation for it myself along the way.  I've learned that big or small, common or uncommon, God has a specific purpose for each part of His creation.   

And you, my friend, are no exception.

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