Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 - We Are Family!

It would be impossible to blog for 24 days straight about the gifts in my life and not mention family.  Tim and I have been blessed with lots and lots of relatives - and we love them all!

In fact, we love them so much that for 10 out of our 14 years marriage, we always lived within a mile of one of our parents.  We cut the cord two years ago and moved - now we're half way between both!  :)

This past weekend, we enjoyed a family tradition with part of Tim's family - the Yoder Shrimp Boil.  Later we were privileged to host his brother, Joe, in our home for a couple of days, and in a couple of days, I get to visit my wonderful relatives in Texas!  

Whether it's a Sunday dinner full of laughter with the Carpenters, or just another work day with the brothers on Stutzman Farms, the connection to family is a blessing like none other.

Besides the joys of extended family, I am also thankful for the family I call mine - Tim, Tyler, Amy, Corey and Kobe.  We have our crazy moments, our funny memories, our frustrating mornings (this morning was no exception), and a bond of love that I pray will never be broken.

God spoke to my heart this morning, so I grabbed my pen and jotted down these words.  

Mankind is often willing to forfeit their own personal joy and peace
Too often, willing to sacrifice the love of relationship 
in order to cling to their self-proclaimed right 
to things which have no eternal value. 

Who can put a price on joy? 
What is the value of love? 
A life lived choosing to lift up another
rather than self is a life worth living.

Thank God for the blessings of family in your life - whether biological or family by choice.  They are a gift from God and should be treated as such.

My little Amy brought a picture to me that she drew recently.  I loved it so much, I hung it on the fridge.  To me, it tells how much she values the people God has placed within these four walls, and my prayer is that it will always be so. 

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