Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little "Me Time"!

Today, I am thankful it's Wednesday!  I love hearing those words - Happy Hump Day!  Why do I love my Wednesdays?
  1. I usually don't have much on my To-Do list!
  2. All four kids are in school (don't judge me!)  :-)
  3. I get ME time!!!
This lovely rainy Wednesday morning has been no exception, and to make it even better, Tim is here!  We took the kids to school, then went out for breakfast.  I dutifully ate my eggs and toast and then (drumroll please) ordered Apple Pie ala mode - for breakfast!!  I KNOW!! Sometimes when I want to live on the wild side, I skip making my bed, but this?  This was really living on the edge!  LOL!  I know, my life is just one adventure after another!  hee hee!

Ok, so everyone one needs a little time to themselves!  What's your favorite way to enjoy a little ME time?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I leave the munchkins with hubby, and hit the thrift shops. :) Oh, and I get an iced coffee on my way there. :p