Thursday, December 1, 2011

Living On the Funny Farm

Hillybilly Sledding

We had a heavy snowfall yesterday which resulted in area schools being cancelled.  My kids were thrilled and wasted no time in heading outdoors to go sledding.  Unfortunately, their sled had been broken somehow through the winter, so they improvised by using their kiddie pool.

I didn't realize what they were doing and looked out the window just in time to see the kiddie pool go skidding by the window with two kids sitting inside.  I wish I had a picture to show you - it was by far the most hilarious scene of the day!

Later, I was able to run to the store and get them a real sled and the kiddie pool has been retired to the barn for the winter.  I was still laughing at the picture of two bundled up heads bobbing along in the swimming pool as it raced across the snow.  Since I didn't get a picture, I hope it will remain burned in  my memory for a long time!

Conversations With Kobe

Kids are always coming up with something hilarious - and my four-year-old certainly has had his share. He has this fetish with animals - baby wart hogs, in particular. The other night, Kobe was informing his older siblings that it was time to play "animals". He told them all what to do and where to go to be the kind of animals he wanted.  Then he proceeded to lay down in a fetal position, lifts his head a little and says, "I'll be the victim."

Tim and I looked at each other over the kids' heads, and mouthed, "victim?" to each other.  We still aren't sure where he learned that word, but it did give us a good laugh!

Then last night, Corey had just gotten out of Bible Memory at church and was so pleased to show us the two toy trucks he had earned.  He opened the package and gave one of the trucks to Kobe.  Kobe was thrilled and my mother-heart was proud of my six-year-old's generosity.

Then out of the darkness of the van, Kobe pipes up, "Corey?  You know what I am of you?"

I chuckled at his choice of words and waited to hear was he "was of him".

"What?" Corey asked.

"Proud!  Thank you for giving me this truck!"

Is that not cute?  I went to bed last night thinking about those precious moments and wishing I could hang on to them forever!