Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Spite of the Facts, Trust Him

There’s a story in the book of Mark about a man named Jarius. Jarius was a leader in the synagogue. These men were known for being cynical of Jesus, yet on this day, Jarius‘ carefully orchestrated life was spiraling out of control, and he no longer cared what others thought of him. He simply knew he had to find Jesus.

In my heart of hearts, I can feel the panic that must have gripped his soul as he ran to find Him. She was sick, his daughter! The light of his life had fallen deathly ill and there was nothing he could do to save her.

From the moment Jarius had first held her in his arms, she had claimed his heart. And just as quickly, he became her hero. In her eyes, Daddy was the one who could do anything - fix her toys, kiss away her tears and coax a smile from her no matter how sad she felt.

The memory of her lying there in her bed, burning with fever pushed him to run faster. He had to find Jesus! Jesus alone, was the answer! Jesus alone, had the power to save his little girl.

Pushing through the crowd of people, Jarius fell to his knees before Jesus, “She’s sick, Jesus! My daughter is about to die! Please, Jesus, please come touch my daughter. Come and heal her!”

Jesus had compassion on Jarius and moved to follow him. Yet, there were distractions and travel was slow. Jarius’ panic most certainly grew as moment by moment they slowly made their way towards his home.

That’s when Jarius saw him - the messenger. The moment their eyes met, Jarius knew.

She was gone.

His beautiful little princess had died.

Struggling to hold back his grief, Jarius turned towards home. It was too late. She... she was gone!



Why hadn’t Jesus come quicker? Why did others get healed, yet his daughter... his precious daughter hadn’t?

All hope was lost. She was gone, and there was nothing... nothing he could do.

Jarius felt two hands on his shoulders. It was Jesus. “Jarius,” He said, “Don’t listen to them. Trust Me.”

“Trust You?” Jarius must have thought. “Trust You for what?” He knew the miracles that Jesus had performed across the region. He knew the power Jesus had portrayed - healing’s of all kinds. But this? This was death! Death is final. Death is the end. Once death enters the room, there’s no going back! Didn’t Jesus know the facts?

It’s an amazing thought - one that boggles my mind. Jesus asking people to trust Him when the facts - not just suspicions... not simple assumptions... not even an educated guess, no, the actual facts speak otherwise.

But this Jesus was not, and is not, bound by facts. His power extends beyond all our realities!

It’s a truth I cling to when the facts of life aren’t what I’d hoped for. Jesus proved His power that day to Jarius and all those in the house when he took that cold little hand and brought life to her.

Trust is not easy, but there is One who has power beyond our comprehension. And when Jesus tells you to trust Him, then trust Him!

What are the dreams you once cherished? Dreams that have long since died? What are the hopes you have for tomorrow? If placed in your heart by God, Himself, why not believe He has the power to change the impossible? Why not allow Him to demonstrate His power through your life?

Trust Him when all seems lost.

Trust Him when everyone around you says otherwise.

Rest in the words of Jesus, “Don’t listen to them. Trust Me.”

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