Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Waiting on God

Do you ever wonder where God is?  What's taking Him so long?  Why doesn't He come and deal with this problem for me?

Mary and Martha wondered the same thing. And as they waited, their brother died. 

Is there something hopeless and dead in your life?  Are you a little annoyed at God for not caring enough to show up the way you wanted Him to?

Mary and Martha were. In fact, Mary didn't even run to meet Jesus like Martha did when He arrived in Bethany after the death of Lazarus. (This same woman who couldn't even leave His feet long enough to help make dinner a few weeks earlier!)

But hear this: sometimes Jesus doesn't want to simply heal a sick man.... sometimes... sometimes He's waiting because He wants to give a dead man new life!

Don't give up hope.

When all options are gone... all control relinquished... all power out of your hands, watch how God will reveal His glory and passionate love in your life. 

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