Sunday, July 14, 2013

Climbing Towers

We took our youth group up north for a summer getaway this weekend.  Those kids have dug their
way into my heart and I find myself doing things I never thought I’d try – simply because they keep pushing me out of my comfort zone.

After conquering a rope course and zip line (Lord, help me, Jesus!), I apparently felt invincible – or maybe the heat had gotten to me.  Either way, before I had time to talk myself out of it, I had donned yet another safety harness and hard hat and stood facing the Great Climbing Tower. 

Starting out, I had no intentions to go the whole way up.  I am petrified of heights and have remained fiercely loyal to the ground (where thou goest, I will go).

But before long, I found myself more than half way up the wall.  I looked down and that was enough.  “I’m done. Coming down.”  The “Wall Guy” called back up to me – “are you sure?”  

I looked around and quickly concluded that, yes, it was impossible! There were no more steps I could take – not even a tiny ledge to stand on.  I was stuck with only down as an option. 

The Wall Guy was yelling again, “Look right next to your left knee.  There’s a step.”  And he was right!  I hadn’t noticed it before.

The rest of the climb I simply listened to him as he directed each step I took and soon I had reached the top.  It was amazing! 

Life is filled with climbing towers.   There are moments when you’re going to find yourself alone, clinging to a tiny ledge and about to lose your grip but hear this – you can either continue hanging there alone, whining about your current condition, trying to do it on your own, and losing strength in the process or choose to listen to the people calling out to you – encouraging you to keep going.

 Not only that – there are “Wall Guys” offering advice on what step to take… and if the Wall Guy is offering the advice and has a better view from where he stands…. AND has made this climb so many times before – then listen to the Wall Guy! 

You’ll find yourself climbing higher than you ever dreamed possible!

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