Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Called to Lead

Are you called to lead?

Has anyone ever told you there are great things ahead of you? People to minister to? Women to encourage? Souls to lead?

So what does leading look like?

Who are the ones you will lead?

Years before David was given a robe and a crown, he was given sheep. His days were spent leading them to find lush fields of grass and cool water to drink. 

And then one day… he was called.

Imagine the thoughts racing through his mind. Imagine the expectations he might have had.

Leading sounds so glamorous… so important… so… so significant. Yet, if you read the life of David, you’ll see that the road to the palace was paved with long, frustrating, and often lonely experiences.

Surely there were days when he questioned the calling… the anointing brought to him by Samuel. In fact, when Saul first began to threaten David’s life, David found himself being followed “by those who were in distress or in debt or discontented”.

Nice crowd.

Definitely not the following most leaders would dream of. But 1 Samuel 22 says that these men “gathered around him, and he (David) became their leader.”

These men would go on to become David’s mighty army – men who would slay giants, protect their future king and willingly fight for the God whom David served.

Who are you leading? Are they distressed? Down and out? Maybe even annoying, at times?

Perhaps. But don’t miss the ones in front of you.

David saw in that group of men, people who needed a leader. He was called to lead – and though he wasn’t seated on a throne, surrounded by servants willing to aid at any given moment – he did what he was called to do.

It didn’t matter who they were… happy or sad… rich or poor… pleasant or annoying… he simply saw them as a sheep without a shepherd… and he lead them.

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