Thursday, April 7, 2016

Identifying the Lies

Guide me in Your truth and teach me,
for You are God, my Savior, 
and my hope is in You all day long.
Psalm 25:5

What are the thoughts that consume you?

What do you spend the most time thinking about?

What are the core beliefs you tell yourself about your life and relationships?

Think about it for a moment...

A majority of our daily energy is consumed by the thoughts racing around in our heads - and this is not new news to our enemy - the devil.  And he has capitalized on this information from the beginning of time... starting with Eve.

You see, Satan wants nothing more than to destroy every good thing in your life and he has found a formula that has been successful in stealing peace, removing hope and destroying relationships. 

Revealing the Recipe:
What is that recipe?  It's quite simple.  He takes one part truth and slowly stirs in doubts and fears.  

Here's a simple illustration:
Core truth: My friend didn't say hello to me today.
Add in: "What's her problem?"  "Is she mad at me?" and "Did I do something wrong?"

Stir together, then add: "She's so stuck up" and "I get so sick of her drama!"

Let this set for a while, stirring occasionally.  Then add "She's probably just jealous!" and/or "She thinks she's so much better than everyone."

Next, add in: "What's wrong with me?"  "No one likes me." and "I'm worthless."

And on and on it goes.  The core truth is your base ingredient - like flour in a loaf of bread.  The lies are much like the yeast - small and subtle, yet able to affect everything else and blow it out of proportion.

"But my friend didn't say hello," you say.  

That's true.

What about it?

There are plenty of reasons for misunderstandings in a relationship.  Our job is to cut away all the lies and return to the truth.  My friend didn't say hello - so I'm going to reach out.  I'm going to check in and see how she's doing.  I'm going to humble myself, lay down my hurt and offense and pursue connection.  I'm going to love her too much to let a small misunderstanding tear us apart.

Identifying the truth:

What are the lies you are believing?  

Is it in a friendship?  Your marriage?  Your relationship with God?

Take a moment and ask God to reveal the truth of your situation to you once again.  When the truth is painful, ask Him to guide you to know how to handle it.  Sometimes it requires moment by moment, step by step guidance... but He is willing to do that for you - He loves you that much!  

At the same time, do not open yourself up to carry the lies Satan wants to add on to the truth.  That is an added weight that you are not called to carry and it will rob you of your strength, steal your peace and eventually destroy your life.

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