Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I tried to stop myself!

I said it was too soon - we had just had a giveaway after all, and "my bloggy friends won't WANT to win more stuff!"  But my impatience won out, I gave in, and here we are!

It's giveaway time! (cheers and whistles)

So why the impatience?  It's all about the PRIZE(S) this time!

When we started talking about Home Organization and how to use a Notebook to simplify your life, my (awesome) friend, Joanna (not the 'Joanna' from Eve's Stories), asked if I was going to give a Notebook away.  Isn't she smart?  You can thank her for this idea!

So, that's the awesome prize? (drumroll, please!)

A lovely, pink Notebook!

But wait, there's more...  (I'm working on becoming a pitchman!)  I'm also throwing in the goodies you need to get started... notebook paper, paper pads, lovely pens, and file tabs (grass and peonies not included).

"So, how can I win this fabulous prize, Lynette?" you ask.

It's simple, just bring me some cheesecake and wash all the windows in my house just suggest the link to "Walking On Water" on Facebook or Twitter.  You can either email me or comment below to get your name in then.

Oh, but wait, there's more! (How'm I doin'?)

I'll toss your name in an extra three times if you take advantage of my summer book sale!  "My Brother, The Senator" is on sale for $10 this summer (if you order through my blog). Order 1 book and your name will be added 3 extra times... or get 3 books and you're entered 9 times.... OR buy 875 books and you're entered 2,625 times (wink, wink).

Tomorrow is Organization Wednesday and it's all about how to use the different sections in your Notebook.  Get ready to get those birthday plans, budgets and house projects organized on paper! 

More organization ideas that are brewing:
What's Your Message - talking about how to promote positive messages throughout your home to your family
16 (Minutes) to Spotless - house cleaning overwhelming you?  Learn the 16 minute trick!
Child Labor Laws - ideas for kids chores. Matching chores up with different ages, etc.

Ok, time to get entered to win, win, WIN!

Notebook giveaway contest will end on Tuesday, June 14th.


preechazwife said...

Great blogging Lynette! Keep up the good work.

Sharla said...

Ok Miss Lynette... shared on FB! I think i'll buy a book or 2 as well... ;)

Unknown said...

Please pick me! I love your blog :)

Michelle Schwartz said...

Just finished sharing on FB. Cannot wait to meet Eve!

Malyn Sneed said...

Great Blogging as always, Lynette! I shared on fb, hoping to win and get as organized as you! ;)

Sarah Atkins said...

I fb'ed this to a Campus Crudade girl whos been working at the coffee shops this summer, thought it was cool because Campus Crusade was mentioned in the story. :) Great writing!

sweet_cassy_71 said...

Shared on Facebook! I love following your blog!