Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 11 - Coffee Dates

In a world where relationships are broken and marriages falling apart is the norm, I refuse to apologize for what I'm about to admit.

I am spoiled - spoiled rotten!  I admit it and Tim agrees!  But, that's our goal - to spoil each other.  To pour time and energy into our relationship as a couple.

Here's why I think know I'm spoiled...

Since harvest is over, my farmer husband is around most mornings to help me get the kids ready for school.  We eat together - as a family, take the kids to school - as a family, then drive off to grab a cup of coffee - as a couple!

For the past 12 years of our lives, we have been on call as mommy and daddy almost 24-7, so these morning coffee dates are so welcome and precious in our lives!

Those few moments (almost) every morning, have become our chance to reconnect, talk about our day, tease each other and find reasons to laugh.  It gets us away from being "daddy" and "mommy" and just being Tim and Lynette. 

Since we've begun our coffee date tradition, I've discovered that a marriage can be made stronger and happier for the low price of two coffees with cream and sugar.  And that is a priceless gift we can give to both one another and our children!

So today, I'm thankful for coffee dates!