Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22 - Fourteen Years Later

Fourteen years!!   Cliche as it sounds, I have to say it.  I can't believe how quickly time passes.
Today, Tim and I are celebrating our fourteenth wedding anniversary.  In looking back over the years, I am thankful for the many wonderful memories we share  - the birth of our children, the seven different addresses we've called home, working together, laughing together, and even crying together.
Can I encourage you today?  Tim and I wouldn’t for a second claim to have the perfect marriage.  We've had our ups and downs like everyone else.  
There are times we've put a smile on our face while deep inside we feel empty and alone.  
We’ve had our moments when we’ve looked into our future as husband and wife and wondered if there was any hope.
We’ve experienced frustration, pain and loss, but we made a choice a long time ago.  If we’re gonna fight, we’ll fight for our marriage!  What we have is too valuable, too precious, too unique to just let it slip away.
We’ve learned that marriage is one of the most priceless gifts from God.  He created it to give us security, comfort, and love, yet few are willing fight to save their greatest investment.  Too often, self gets in the way and ultimately steals the joyful moments we long to experience.
What happens when we pause for a moment and consider the other ones feelings?  What changes when we build up the other, rather than chose to serve self?  
Today, when I look across the room at my husband, I am thankful because I know it is the grace of God in our lives that we have reason to celebrate today.  
When we were broken, He brought healing.
When we were hopeless, He gave us reason to look towards tomorrow.
When we were unlovable, He showed us His love.
When all seemed lost, His comfort was what we clung to.
He didn’t give us this precious gift of marriage and leave us alone to figure it out, instead, He walks with us and teaches us to love as He does.  In return, we are experiencing a love that in some small way reflects the love God has for his Bride. 


Angela Lawrence :) said...

Finally, after years of pestering, I have seen your wedding picture! :)

Mary said...

Aw. You were so YOUNG! This was just a week after Kris and I were married and I'm wondering now if Kristy stayed in the States another weekend so she could be at your wedding. I was pretty pre-occupied with my own plans at the time. :)

Congratulations on 14 years!

Crystal Mendez said...

Wow amen so cool I live to come here

Amelia Marie said...

What an amazing testimony!... Congratulations and blessings!!
Thankful for your blog and what you share!!


Rebecca said...

I remember that day. :) Congratulations to a beautiful couple! Sure doesn't seem like 14 years does it? Hope you were able to do something special for your special day!