Friday, November 4, 2011

Titus2Woman: Donna

Let me introduce to another woman that spoken in to my life.  Her spiritual giftings have inspired, encouraged and taught me so much.  I don’t think Donna realizes how much she has impacted my life.  She is one of my role models and I’m honored to call her my friend.

Like the other women in my Titus2Woman series, I asked Donna a number of questions.  Here's what she had to say...

I have been married to Mike Monson for 37 1/2 yrs. and he is still the man of my dreams! :)

We have 3 children. A son, Dennis, who is married to Connie and they have 4 beautiful children! Dennis' live here in Sturgis, and he works at Mishler's on the kill floor.  Connie is a wonderful stay at home mom! Our daughter, Elizabeth, is a CPA for Ernst and Young in Indianapolis, IN.  She is divorced, has no children, but loves her 2 dogs!  Our youngest son, Jonathan, is married to Kristi and they have 2 beautiful children!  Jonathan works at Syndicate in Middlebury, and Kristi is also a wonderful stay at home mom!  So if you are counting that gives us 6 grandchildren ages 5-5 mos. Jordan 5, Hunter 3, Myiah 2, Cole and Mackenzie 18 mos. (twins) and Riley 5 mos. We absolutely love this stage!

As I look back now, so long ago, my favorite memories of the kids are when they played good together, laughed together and just got along good!! There were days when I thought that would never happen, but now as I look back, those are the memories that stick in my mind the most, and I love it!

Donna with all her grandbabies!
I remember days at home with 3 toddlers that my goal was just to survive the day! :)  But my biggest goal was to raise Godly children to the best of my ability and I remember, with tears, the nights at bedtime when I got to lead my children to the Lord, and say the sinner’s prayer with them!!  What a privilege that was!

Our unique challenges were raising biracial children in an all-white, conservative, rural community in the 70's! We dealt with a lot of prejudice, but God is so-o faithful to us and so were family, church family and friends.  We always let our children know that they were loved and wanted no matter what anyone outside told them!  As we look back at our family situation we realize that we have been a part of bringing the cultures and races together and now as we look at where the country is with races, it has been a hard but good journey!

Our children are Christian, solid, productive people in this country and we can say with pride that we have been a part of making racial history! We are all one in Christ Jesus!

If I could talk to the 25 year old version of myself, I would tell myself to not sweat the small stuff.  The kids grow up so fast and are soon gone! But I also remember when my kids were toddlers people would tell me that and I would think, no they won't, they are always going to be here!!! :)

We have reached the empty nest stage and it is a fun stage to be in, too! We love when family and friends are here and we love when we are home alone and sitting in our recliners beside each other holding hands!!

I would like to encourage young ladies and mothers to keep up the good work!  Description: :)On those days when you are just thankful to are still a good mother, who still loves her children, and prays for her children, and is there for them!  When children know they are loved that is the best security you can give them.

I learned it doesn't matter if the house doesn't get cleaned every week, or if you have to buy canned vegetables for them, they will be fine in anything if they know they are always loved!  And for the mothers who are able to can the vegetables and clean all the time - that is wonderful too! (You are just more organized than I was...LOL)

Remember to take time to enjoy the small moments with your children, when they come with the hand full of dandelions, or the first red leaf they find and, yes, even the bugs and the snakes!!!

Give lots of hugs, and “I love you’s” to them!

Stay the course in your marriages too - even when they get hard.  Our marriage was not always easy, but with hard work and commitment we are 37 (almost 38) years married and this stage is so much fun and such a blessing.  It is really worth fighting for!

Ladies, fight for your marriages, don't let the enemy destroy something that God has ordained and blessed already for you! Sure, it is hard work and awful sometimes, but God will richly bless your faithfulness to go the distance! And a good marriage is security for your children!

Remember that when you give God control, of you and your family that nothing happens that is outside of what He has planned for you, so when you feel like life has handed you lemons, make lemonade, sit back in the recliner and see what God will do!

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