Monday, June 11, 2012

YOU Had a JOB?!

I love speaking truth into my children's lives... seeing them grasp ahold of new concepts and applying it to their lives.

I love watching them learn..  watching them grow.

This morning during Bible time was no exception.   The kids were gathered around listening to Kobe read (a.k.a. lip syncing along with the British man that lives inside my Bible app) from James.  Our topic was humility so after Kobe had finished "reading", I expounded on the benefits of not being proud and admitting when you need help.

"I learned that quickly at my first job, kids," I said.  "My boss taught me that it's always best to ask for help rather than try to stumble along on my own.  You see, too many times we don't want to ask for help from others... simply because of our pride."

The kids were all listening - at least half-heartedly, but Corey... Corey was watching me with awe in his eyes.  My mother-heart warmed to see him soaking in all the wisdom I was so anxious to impart into his life.

I have to admit to a measure of pride swelling up in my heart as I watched his face looking up at me with rapt-attention, his eyes wide with amazement.  But the moment passed all too soon, and my balloon of pride burst, plummeting me back to earth when he opened up his mouth.  

Rather than ask for more advice on living a humble life... or thanking me for taking the time to share such wonderful insight, my very impressed little boy said, "WHAT?  YOOOUUU had a JOB?!?" 

His eyes were huge and his mouth hung slack.

I stared at him for a second.  


Then announced that Bible time was over.  

Maybe that lesson on humility was actually more for me than it was for the kids!  :)

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