Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hannah Revealed - Part 10

If you are unfamiliar with the Redemption Story of Hannah - you might want to start reading here.

In each of the stories I write, my hope is that others will see themselves in the characters on the page.
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this story is being concluded a week from Father’s Day.  Men, if you have a little girl, this story is for you!  You may never fully understand how important your place is in the lives of your children.  You can provide all the toys, the clothes, and food they’ll ever want, but no amount of value can be placed on your time.
Your daughters need to hear you say, “I love you”, “you’re awesome!”,  “you look beautiful today” and “I’m so proud to be your dad”.  I would venture to say that your focused time and attention on your daughter could save her a world of heartache in the end.
And ladies, let this story remind you that there is only one source of unfailing love in this world.  Many of us have chased after meaning and purpose and beauty and value.  But no one, and no thing is able to fill that void without eventually letting us down!  
Hear me when I say this.  You cannot expect your beauty, your parents, your friends, your boyfriend, your spouse, your kids... you can’t expect them to be the source by which you measure your value.  
As flawed human beings are all unable to provide a perfect love for another - why should we expect it in return?
Psalm 48, reminds us to ponder God’s love in action. 
Your name, oh God, evokes a train of Hallelujahs!  
Your arms are heaped with goodness in action.  
Let us see Your wonderful works.  
Let us recognize Your desire to pour out that 
love and goodness into our own lives.  
Who Is Hannah?

Hannah came into my life on a snowy winter night many years ago.  Joy seemed to exude from her and though our encounter was short, I never forget her.  Through the next years, Hannah was in and out of my life - always cheerful... always happy.  Her life appeared fabulous and exciting in comparison to my own.  
A battle with depression and bitterness had stolen too much from me already and I was sure Hannah would never understand the pain buried deep within my heart.  Years passed by and eventually, I too discovered the gift of God’s redemptive love.  So when I had the opportunity to hear Hannah tell her life’s story, I was reminded once again that we must never judge a book by it’s cover.  
You see, Hannah had every reason to quit.  She had every excuse to give up.  Still, she discovered her value - her worth, when she saw herself through the eyes of her Creator.    Though her story is one of heartache and pain, she is a reflection of God’s redemptive power.  He is the reason for her joy!
Today, Hannah is a light not only to her family and friends, but also her community.  Each morning she rises up and blesses thousands with a love that can only come from Jesus.   Her cheerful voice and contagious laughter is recognized by many as it carries across the airwaves and into our lives.  You may know her best as half of WFRN’s morning show - Doug and Vincy in the Morning, and I’m honored to be able to reveal her true identity to you, 
Her name is Vincy Williamowski!  
Vincy, along with her husband Tom and their five beautiful children came to my home church, FFM, this morning to worship with us and to reveal her identity as the Hannah in this story.  Vincy’s testimony is amazing and I’m blessed to call her my friend! 

You can hear her each weekday morning on WFRN or, like myself, enjoy those morsels of encouragement she doles out on occasion through her Facebook page - Vincy Speaks.

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