Monday, January 2, 2012

Catching Up

It's been a long time since I've posted.  A really long time!

I love this time of year, but, OH MY WORD!  It get so crazy busy!

Here's a little of what's been happening in our neck of the woods (wow, I felt like Al Roker when I said that).

From the middle of November until umm... today actually, we've had a lot on our plate.  Ty had his basketball season.  There were Christmas parties and programs.  We celebrated our anniversary (a little late).  I finished up a two year writing course (ok, I'm jumping the gun - I finish it this week).  We started adding a garage on to our house.  We traveled to Texas.  I worked with a talented team of people at church on our Advent programs.  We spent time with families over Christmas.  The list goes on.

To get back into my blogging world, I thought I'd tell a little bit about each one of these.

Basketball - I love watching my kids play sports.  So far, we've chosen to allow only two per year.  How do you as parents of multiple children handle the sports schedules?  Do you do more than one per year?  What have you learned?

Christmas parties and programs - We had a blast watching our kids at their respective Christmas programs.  This year it was only Corey and Kobe.  Those little guys bring so much joy to my life (if you're a Facebook friend I'm sure you've read their quotes from time to time) and I loved watching the delight on their faces while they stood standing on stage.

For our 14th Anniversary, we went to Traverse City, Michigan.  I have to say, I had no idea how beautiful it was up there!  We stayed at a lovely resort, got massages, traveled through wine country, visited a lighthouse, got another massage (I got a facial), ate cheesecake.... ahh... it was wonderful!

The writing course - I'll tell ya more when I'm officially done.  Then I'll be expecting blaring horns, confetti and lots of whoo-hooing!  :)

In November, we took a fast trip to Texas to my cousin's wedding.  It was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to.  It was outdoors and the skies were overcast which made the vintage twenties decor look even more stunning.  Wish I had some pics, but I doubt they would do justice to the beauty of it all!

The garage?  Well, it's an ongoing event.  Right now, we're using our back door - which means trekking through chunks of mud or snow to get in and out, but I'm not complaining!  I am so excited to have a garage - what's a little dirt?

For Christmas, we went to my mom and dad's for the night where we eyed one another with great distrust while playing "Mafia" then laughed till our bellies hurt playing Balderdash.  The next day, Tim and I packed up, raced home, unpacked, took a nap, repacked and raced to the lodge his family goes to each year for a couple of days.  There we were able to relax, visit, put a puzzle together and play kickball and prisoner's base together.  And WHOA, can you say competitive?  We played for blood... and it was fun!!  :) I paid for it though - my muscles hurt for a couple of days!  Love family time! 

On New Year's Eve, we celebrated with our church family where we had a great time playing basketball and volleyball.  Unfortunately, I discovered a few other muscles to hurt since the kickball ones had recovered.  :-p

The highlight of the Christmas season for me though was Advent.  Like I said, I worked with a great group of people and we were able to put together a series about God's faithfulness.  My faith was given a huge boost by just hearing and writing the stories that were shared.

It was incredible to me to see the despair so many had faced in 2011 and yet God was so faithful through it all.

Check back tomorrow - I'm working on a post about dealing with loss, so pass it on to those who you think might be encouraged from it.  And later this week - another Titus2Woman!!

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