Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boys, Birthdays and Motorcycle-Riding Zebras

Birthdays, like in most homes, are highly anticipated events around here.  Kobe is on the countdown to his 5th birthday and has been making plans for this grand day for... well, almost a year now.

I hear him in conversation with big brother Corey from time to time and I pray I'll always remember each detail.  I hope I'll remember the softness of the carpet under my feet as I stand outside the door of his room listening, the way I hold my breath in an effort to remain silent so as not to interrupt, the excited pitch of their voices as they animatedly discuss presents, cakes and the glorious joys that "being five" will bring.
Kobe with his 4th Birthday Cake

What he doesn't know is that already, tucked away in Grandma's attic, is his present.  The countdown calendar is being designed in my head (I usually try to make one for each child thirty days out from their birthday and we're almost there), but there's one thing I haven't been able to figure out yet.

His cake.

I mean seriously!  I am not making this up!  He wants a cake with a lion on it.  When I first heard that I thought, "Ok... he had that last year, but, sure, why not?  We'll do another lion cake."

But no.


That would be too simple.

This time, he wants a lion chasing a (and I quote) "zebra that is riding a motorcycle".



I think he saw a picture of one somewhere and now that's all he can think about.  Silly boy!  The idea is so fun and funny to me that I'm pretty sure we'll try to get that cake for him.

How do you celebrate birthdays?  What are the most interesting cakes you've created for kids?  Tell me about your family birthday traditions... and feel free to add links to show what you're talking about!

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