Saturday, June 9, 2012

In Awe and Wonder

Tears close.  Steps shaky.  Heart full.

But at peace.

Other-worldly peace.

Yesterday, was not unlike so many other days.  Full of activity and long to-do lists.

Spent the morning with friends.  Picked up kids at noon (last day of school).  Celebrated with a picnic, silly string wars and ice cream at the party store.

Struggled with fear, nerves, and excitement. (Tomorrow is Redemption Sunday).  Inward battle within my soul (completely unrelated to Redemption Sunday) and complete awe of my God who calmed my nerves, sent the Hornet about before me (even saw hornets all day long!), and gave me resolutions for my inward battle... resolutions that were obviously not from within my selfish, human spirit.

It was also the day I almost lost my husband.

He was shocked by an electrical current.  The blister, the wounds, and the look in his eyes told me how bad it really was... how bad it could have been.

The waters I am called to walk upon threaten to overtake me... I look down at the what if's splashing around my ankles and I shudder.   Just as quickly, I am reminded of my Hornet and I lift my eyes to the One who calms my quaking heart.

He is capable.  He is loving.  And He is good.

  • ...Your glory is a blanket that covers
  • Every living thing
  • I’m in awe at the majesty of who You are
  • Your love is a seal burnt inside my heart
  • All of the day I want to be where You are
  • Holy Father
  • And it feels like there’s not enough praise inside of me
  • With all these words, all my heart can sing is holy
  • You are holy

  • Jesus Christ
  • You bled Your love, laid down Yourself
  • And gave me life
  • In naked shame You hung and You were lifted high
  • Here I lay in awe and wonder
  • I am afraid
  • For no one’s ever sacrificed and loved me this way
  • So on my face I fall under Your heavy grace
  • Here I lay in awe and wonder
  • And I wonder...

  • -Leeland

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    Bryan Prisock said...

    Truly Awesome how Good God is ! After the storm, it never fails when we look back, we see His plan. I appreciate you sharing & thank God that Tim is ok !